General Information


If you have sent Team Pride an email and have not heard back from Team Pride within 24 hours during the work week about an order of any kind – please make sure that you follow up with us and that we actually received your information. 574-224-8326

**We send order approvals back and invoices back – if you do not get either you NEED TO LET US KNOW. Because we have not placed your order for some reason.

Kitbuilder: You can mock up your own uniforms on the Kit builder. When submitting your uniform to Team Pride from the Kit builder make sure you send us only the uniform you have decided to go with. Please delete all of the other mockups that you do not want. Sending multiple designs could cause us to use the incorrect design. There is a removal tab at the bottom of the mockup. *** The sides on the jerseys – arm holes & neckline needs to be the same color on each uniform. Even though the Kit builder allows you to change them to a different color they need to be the same.

SUBLIMATION - These are a single ply uniform – dyed on both sides. Some Shadowing may occur from the dark side of the uniform to the lighter side. Please keep this in mind when designing your uniforms. These sublimated uniforms are available in Youth – jerseys & shorts, Women – jerseys & shorts - Men’s - jerseys & shorts. We now offer REV SHORTS. Along with NEW STYLES OF SHORTS. You can also buy an additional pair of non rev shorts in a different color as well.

PLEASE NOTE – because this is a single ply moisture wicking uniform – there are seams on the sides panels of the jersey. We turn up the hems showing the other color of the jersey on one side. Rev shorts – there is a seam in the center of the shorts.

Do not pick a white side and a red sided uniform. The white will come out PINK. Do not pick a white jersey and a white non-rev short. THE WHITES WILL NOT MATCH due to the fact the shorts are not reversible, making the shorts a brighter white than the rev jersey. THIS IS NOT A GOOD LOOK.

When we send you back an order – mock-up – to approve – invoice - Take your time to look it over. IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS CORRECT. Count – Color – Sizes – Style – Spelling – Shipping address. You know your order better than anyone. We want to make sure it is correct. We will NOT process your order unless the final approval has been approved.

If you have a uniform addition, please put it on a new roster form as well. Do not text sales staff your add-on. If you do not have a roster for your uniforms or the order form for items out of the catalog – please ask us for one. There is no guarantee that it will be made with the rest of the uniforms.

Please read all the below information

1. Fill out the Customer App. – this is a 1 time requirement – fill out only the general information.

2. You pick out which uniform that you want.

3. You can mock the uniform up in our new Kitbuilder for you to see.

4. You fill out an actual roster form – (this is NOT in the Kit builder).

5. Fill out the Team Roster Form on this site located at the top and then email your designated sales rep with any designs and your roster.

6. We send a PROOF back for YOUR final approval. CHECK SIZE OF NUMBERS – STYLE – COLOR – SPELLING – ALL LOGO – CUT (women’s – men’s – youth) Shorts (Rev or Non)

7. At that time you will need to pay when you place the order. You are responsible for shipping/handling fees. We estimate as close as we can on shipping costs. We ask the right that if the shipping needs to be adjust we may do so.

8. It will take at least 4 weeks for turnaround time after everything has been approved. Please allow for shipping time. It is important to get your orders in early as a larger volume will require a longer turnaround time – even if you do not have all of your teams at once. Send the teams that you have.